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What We Do

Our aim is to assist and promote the sustainable development of the Shellfish Industry in the United Kingdom.

Shellfish contribute nearly 50% of the total value of seafood landed into the UK vessels into the UK. Cultivated shellfish contribute an additional £38 million, from nearly 30,000 tonnes. Despite this, our industry is often overlooked in discussions and decisions that can have huge impacts.

The SAGB represents the views of shellfisheries, both wild-caught and cultivated, in debates with the Government, other users of the sea and environmental organisations. We are striving to ensure a more viable and sustainable future for UK shellfish operations. With the increasing legislation and financial constraints facing the industry, our role is more vital than ever.

Alongside our lobbying activities, the SAGB also promotes the sustainability of your operations, the health benefits of eating shellfish, brings together buyers and sellers of shellfish and sells the story of this magnificent industry to the public.