The Shellfish Promotion Project

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The Shellfish Promotion Project

Welcome to the new SAGB Blog!

As part of our 2 yr Promotions Project, we’ll be posting monthly features about our fantastic UK shellfish, it’s diversity, abundance, catch methods and naturally how to get the best out of cooking and eating it.

Each month we’ll focus on a different species which is in season and top condition. We’ll be interviewing SAGB catcher/grower members, talking to top chefs and sharing recipe ideas which will showcase the sheer quality and variety of our delicious crustaceans, bivalves and cephalopods that are landed and farmed in the UK.

We’ll also be highlighting the many dietary, nutritional and other associated health benefits that shellfish bring with them and of course where to source. We believe that there are huge opportunities to promote and market the plethora of sustainable and traceable species that we produce in the UK and we welcome any suggestions or input from our membership that might enhance and reinforce our message.

Join us for our exciting journey over the next two years as we look to raise consumer awareness of UK shellfish in all its forms and enjoy the stories that surround this most delicious, sustainable and natural of foods.


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