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Shellfish – the Ultimate Rugby Fuel

With the Six Nations final weekend about to commence and all at stake for our national sides, extensive muscle injury, inflammation and fatigue are going be issues that team physios, coaches and nutritionists will be addressing. If like us, the competition has left you feeling inspired to participate or just curious about what is required…
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Busting the myth

Our thanks this month to members The Big Prawn Co, who have kindly allowed us to reproduce this fascinating piece on cholesterol in shellfish. Widely perceived by many as actually being bad for your cholesterol levels, the introduction of many shellfish species to your diet, such as prawns or crab can positively influence the balance.…
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Shellfish in Sport – a new angle for muscle rest and repair.

With the physical and emotional traumas of the World Cup still raw and a varied summer of sporting activities ahead of us, athletic ability is at the forefront of our nation’s thinking. Our consultant nutritional therapist, BANT registered nutritionist, Eva Humphries, of reports on how shellfish may hold the key to enhanced performance.  Whether you are…
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Spider Crab – no longer just for export!

Our Shellfish Promotional Project continues apace! Having firmly established a network of chef ambassadors who are keen to promote all species of our native crustaceans and molluscs, we have identified 5 species, that although almost exclusively exported, we believe should be used as iconic representatives for the shellfish consumer to embrace and enjoy, right here…
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Getting to Grips with Shellfish

This month, UK shellfish expert and cook, Rosemary Williams, shares with us her journey and through demonstrating how to prepare and cook all kinds of shellfish, she is slowly but surely educating and inspiring a whole generation to embrace eating shellfish more regularly and dispelling any myths about its preparation and consumption. This months she…
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Namaste! SAGB Members’ Shellfish at 2018 Zest Quest Asia Awards Dinner.

Last month, saw the Shellfish Promotions Project attain a whole new level of engagement with the SAGB’s involvement with the prestigious Zest Quest Asia Awards, a competition held annually for aspiring young UK chefs to further their knowledge of and enhance their skills in Asian cuisine. Conceived in 2013 by Cyrus Todiwala OBE DL and…
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A Very British Superfood

By Eva Humphries DipION mBANT CNHC Nutritional Therapist   From the latest green juices to spirulina and coconut water, the health food industry is teeming with an array of exotic “superfoods”. They have become so popular, it’s now impossible to pass a gym or cafe without spotting a yoga-gear-clad individual attached to a bottle of…
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Cuttlefish Fever.

Firstly a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year from SAGB ! Although now nearing the end, the cuttlefish season on the South Coast has produced some outstanding returns for the beam trawl sector at Brixham, Plymouth and Newlyn. A bonanza that started towards the end of last summer has seen landings way in excess of…
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The Shellfish Promotion Project

Welcome to the new SAGB Blog! As part of our 2 yr Promotions Project, we’ll be posting monthly features about our fantastic UK shellfish, it’s diversity, abundance, catch methods and naturally how to get the best out of cooking and eating it. Each month we’ll focus on a different species which is in season and…
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Welcome to our brand new blog!

As you can see we now have a brand new blog ready to go. Please watch this space 🙂   The SAGB team.

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